With the advent of the 1980s, the textile market scenario evolved due to revolutionary changes that occurred in the fashion world. It moved from being purely business-focused, quantity-oriented, and traditionalist to embracing a more modern vision that understands the concept of style and incorporates it. This mixture led to the alignment of fabric producers and creative visionaries, with a fundamental piece in the middle that allows for productive dialogue between the parties.

Andrea Cernigliaro’s professional figure was born within this context, perceiving the market’s need for change and building on the passion and tradition carried on by his family in previous generations. He proved to be an active innovator in the sector. Unlike traditional approaches that were carried forward until that time, the new approach to this system is aware that involving the social fabric is necessary to materialize the new vision, forming a network that cooperates to achieve the same objective. The community bond that forms is based not only on values related to the world of work but also on multiple interests involving various cultural and sporting fields.

This aspect, linked to the sharing of interests, brings out the indispensable human side with a receptive, curious, and eclectic character that makes it possible for multiple exchanges to take place within the network in various sectors. It is in this context where the lifestyle fuels the work environment and vice versa that different interests and passions consolidate, such as tennis, music, especially orchestral music, theater, good wine, and literature. Over the years, this has given rise to several noteworthy initiatives, including the “Milano ArteMusica” International Festival of Ancient Music, “San Maurizio in Musica” a selection of music performed in the context of the most beautiful Church in Milan, “I Concerti della Domenica” the most prestigious Sunday matinĂ©e in Milan held at the Teatro Filodrammatici, and the International Harpsichord Competition, a prestigious international competition held every two years that awards the best young talents of this historical musical instrument.

In addition to the above initiatives, recently sponsored was the exhibition dedicated to Ossie Clark, which will take place at the Museo del Tessuto, in collaboration with the Sozzani Foundation and the Massimo Cantini Parrini Archive. Also, this year, noteworthy is the contribution to organizing Walks for Contemporary Art Galleries during the Fashion Week.