Our vision

Following a family tradition that has been fond of quality fabrics and the world of high fashion for generations, we are a reference point for anyone looking for the best in global textile production. We select our products by balancing research, innovation, and tradition, and we display collections of luxury fabrics in our showroom, which are produced by companies inspired by the ethics of labor and respect for the environment, placing sustainability at the core of their operations.

In our spaces, modernity and tradition coexist. Furniture and displays with a clean and essential style, along with art objects collected from around the world, alternate with fabrics in an environment framed by large windows that allow natural light to showcase the products. A rich collection of books and magazines dedicated to the world of aesthetics and design is available to visitors




For almost a century, Clerici Tessuto, a genuine reference point for silk production in Como, has been one of the most important textile companies in the world. Drawing from a historical archive of designs, prints, and exclusive creations, which is unique in its completeness, vastness, and organization, collections are constantly created where creativity and luxury are combined with sustainability, with a strong presence of certified organic raw materials.



For over sixty years, the Crosa family’s company has been among the excellence of the Biella textile district and is a global leader in high-end wool fabrics, interpreting all stages of the process with impeccable quality and service. Classic and innovative at the same time, and attentive to sustainability with the introduction of Eco-Wool, Tessibiella’s creations rightfully enter the collections of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands.



TBM is one of the leading companies in the Italian textile industry, a vertical cycle industrial group that controls all stages of production and offers a wide range of collections featuring cotton and linen as protagonists. Borghi1819 specializes in shirting fabrics and targets the luxury segment; TFM offers a complete range of fabrics for menswear and sportswear; TBM is a trend collection for womenswear, particularly focused on the search for new materials and special finishes.



The Tesi family’s Montemurlo (Prato) company has surpassed a century of existence, placing sustainability at the center of its activities, thanks to its specialization in the spinning and weaving of wool and regenerated noble fibers, of which it is a global leader. The new Lana Italia project, designed to offer a 100% Made in Italy short supply chain product, is the latest initiative of this dynamic and modern company.



An ancient English industry founded in 1767, it represents the absolute global excellence in the field of noble fibers such as pure cashmere, camel, and lambswool. Soft and precious fabrics, enriched by the unmistakable color palette of English taste, are accompanied by a complete line of accessories for clothing and the home.